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    Go Eco

    Reduce pesticides more than 50%

    Plants after staying in the incubator do not need as many pesticides
  • Accelerate

    Plant growth

    up to 30% in natural way

Meet our - GRAINer

Seed incubator which accelerates plant growth and reduces the use of pesticides.

The GrainER manages the time between buying seeds and sowing them. All you need to do is place the seeds in the GrainER before sowing. An unique field created inside the device makes the seeds stronger and lets them grow faster. The greatest strengths:

  • Eco Friendly
  • Faster Growth
  • Better Yields
  • Naturally Healthy

How does it work ?

Place cereal grains inside or vegetable seeds and turn on the machine. After about 2 hours, the seeds are ready for sowing. Please note that, you don't have to sow them right away - immediately afterwards you can prepare the next batch immediately afterwards.

The field created inside the device affects the seeds. Thanks to this they grow faster and are stronger.

Who is it for?

Our technology will be used in agriculture, greenhouses and wood crops.

It is suitable for every farmer and every greenhouse because the size of the device can be scaled to specific hectare requirements. The standard size is able to handle seeds for about 2 hectares in 2 hours.

Our Mission

We are proud to provide ecological solutions that help us grow food, simultaneously reducing spraying and soil consumption.

We want not only healthy food but also a healthy environment in which it is grown. And here is GrainER. It helps you grow food in a healthy way

Use GrainER only for seeds

Grainer can be used for all kinds of seeds

By using our device, you can achieve positive effects at every stage of plant development. Most importantly, Grainer can be used for all types of seeds and plants. Below we present its positive effect on corns and rapeseed. This is not only faster growth but also greater resistance to weather conditions and insects. Thanks to this, crops subjected to the Grainer effect do not have to use as much spraying as before.


Explore the benefits

Get up to 30% faster yields by using our technology


Thanks to modern solutions, the product has an attractive price and is characterized by low power consumption.


The method of operation is free of chemicals and genetic modification. Leaves 100% natural yield.


Plants whose seeds were affected by GrainER are characterized by 20% increased resistance to lack of water

Faster growth

Thanks to the latest research and technology, your crops can grow up to 30% faster

Our Results

We used the latest research in GrainER and complex technology that creates the right field inside the device. Here is the biggest advantage of our GrainER. Thanks to the work of the entire development team, we are constantly improving our technology and it's impact on crops

up to 30%

Faster growth

up to 50%

Reduced Pesticides



word from the team

It is not only about accelerating growth, not about increasing polonium either. It is all about the ecological approach to cultivation. We provide a solution that reduces spraying of pesticides and is affordable for every farmer.

Hubert Mrozek

Founder of GrainER

Corn testing

Use of a Grainer for corn seeds

Our research showed about 35% faster growth of corn plants in comparision to a normal seed sample. Furthermore, corn in the early stages of growth had a larger root. The leaf structure remained unchanged.

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Rapeseed testing

Use of a Grainer for rapeseed seeds

For rapeseed, we achieved almost 30% faster growth and over 50% higher drought resistance. Especially the drought resistance effect is especially noteworthy. Plant structure has not changed.

  • Rapeseed
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Czym jest Grainer i jakie korzyści daje?

Poddanie nasion wpływowi warunków wytworzonych w urządzeniu nazwanym Grainerem ma skutkować szybszym wzrostem roślin i mniejszym zużyciem środków ochrony roślin – zapewnia Hubert Mrozek, pomysłodawca i szef projektu.

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